Injunctive Relief


In civil law, injunctions are powerful remedies that can significantly impact a case.

Depending on which type is granted, be it interim or interlocutory, or pre-trial or afterward, an injunction can restrain the other party from doing something that adversely affects your business, stop them in their tracks from continuing to perform a potentially harmful action, or force them to act in a manner that they had previously agreed to.

Part of maximizing the power of injunctive relief is knowing which type of injunction to seek, when to seek it, and under what conditions. An injunction is not a given; it must be carefully determined, sought, and then granted by the courts to produce the desired results. At RAR, we leverage our decades of experience to yield desired outcomes for owners, developers, contractors, and other clients.

We have brought injunctive relief for clients involved in multi-million-dollar projects and have successfully responded to injunctions sought against our clients. In both cases, our clients rely on our expertise to shield them against harmful consequences.