R. Di Battista Investments Inc. v. Cangap Lending Corp., 2017 ONSC 5802 (CanLII)


The Plaintiff, R. Di Battsta Investments Inc. ("Di Battista"), seeks an Order that leave be granted to amend its Statement of Claimin accordance with a draft Amended Statement of Claim.
This action arises from the alleged breaches of a debenture agreement dated March 1, 2008 by Cangap Lending Corp.'s ("Cangap") and for payment of additional loans provided by Di Battista to Cangap in November 2008.  When demand for payment was made by Di Battista under same, and Cangap refused and/or failed to provide payment; demand was made upon the Defendant, Emlyn David ("Mr. David"), under a personal guarantee in favor of Di Battista in respect of the debenture agreement and additional loans provided to Cangap.
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File #:CV-16-556766